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The Night Sailor - Agneta Ekman & Johannes Fend

The Night Sailor - Agneta Ekman & Johannes Fend

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The 'Nightsailor' is a Collaboration between two Artists.


Agneta Ekman - Watercolour Images & Story, Sweden

Johannes Fend - Music and Video, Austria

The pictures and the film set out to wake and work on the fear that comes creeping as you twist and turn, awake at night. You can’t sleep, fearful for the future, so unsustainable and dark. 

The film takes you on a journey. You are tossed on a stormy sea, in a tiny boat, in the dark. You can’t see any way forward. The future fills you with horror and despair. The unfair balance of power, the glaring inequalities in this world fill you with anger. How can you deal with your angst?  You ask, like a child, am I alone, who is beside me? How can we live together in such a world? And yet, there is hope. If you know where to look, it is possible to find the courage to grasp and change things.

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