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It's out!!

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‘Journey is the soundtrack to a movie.

A movie that only you will see when you close your eyes and hear the music.’ 

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The initial burst of inspiration that became the first track ’Enter’ opened a door into another world for me. It led me on a different path than what I thought my solo album would be like. Listening to a first draft of it really felt like entering into another world and that inspired the rest of the album as well as the concept behind it. It is constructed something like homers odyssey. Depart, different adventures, return. Each piece is an event on the trip that flows into the next. And because it is written in music, what happens on the journey is up to the imagination of the listener. When composing and recording I tried my best to make the whole Album one well connected flow. And it is meant to be experienced without stop from start to finish. Just like seeing a movie in the cinema. Only that with this one the canvas is behind your closed eyes. 


Because the music sounds quite cinematic I was curious to see if visual artists would be interested in collaborating with me. And I’m very grateful that they were! The wonderful painter Vladimir Radujkov, painted his vision of Enter while listening to it (‘Portal for Johannes’). This became the album artwork. And Thomas de Wit ‘Thofabriek’ made a beautiful animation for the first piece Enter.


I’m happy that I'll soon be able to share this Journey with you! 

Bon voyage!

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Release Date: November 19. 2021

Composed & Performed by: Johannes Fend

(On: Double Bass, Voice, Ebass)

Mixing & Effects: Okkio Music

Mastering: Javi Herrero

Painting for Cover Art: Vladimir Radujkov

Animation for Enter: Thofabriek